Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where were you at 2:18 pm on January 22, 2008?

Me, I was wiki-ing Heath Ledger of course. That dude died (RIP). And you know what? If that weren't traumatizing enough, I sat before the entry--which had been hacked--and viewed a picture of a massive cock and balls that was almost larger than life. The wikipolice were on the case, however. As soon as I refreshed my page, the cock and balls had miraculously vanished.

I'm really glad you can count on those wikifreaks to fight the good fight of perpetual editing open sourced digital information, but I doubt that if I made my own entry about The Great Heath Ledger Cock and Balls incident, it would not instantaneously be erased, much like my Hang Loose Hawaii entry.

Regardless, this will no doubt go down in my own personal history books as the day I saw The Great Heath Ledger Cock and Balls. My parents had their moment with the whole JFK thing. Let me have mine goddamn it.

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Never Forget