Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bring me a donut, Ramses!

Quotes of those who did not know I was listening: Office Edition

The following are quotes by people in my office. If you were ever curious about the types of conversations journos have when we get together, overly-caffeinated and amped and getting giddy over trivial writing matters, well, it's some pretty profound shit:

"How does this sound: He went to it with a sprinter's kick."
--someone else: "Sprinters don't kick, they sprint."
"With a sprinter's sprint. No...that doesn't sound so good."

"Krispy Kreme's not a donut. It's a cake. With a hole."
--someone else, in a Charlton Heston voice, "Bring me a donut, Ramses!"

"You met Bill Clinton? Did he smell like fried chicken?"

"You just have to play like you go way back: Remember me? The Holiday Inn in Bairan? Don't worry, whatever happens in Dubai stays in Dubai."

"Do we have a loudspeaker?" (In booming, cupped voice) "I'm not wearing any underpants!"

(Same Charlton Heston impersonator, in Heston voice) "I like Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics."

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