Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beck's Debra

My friend Tessa recently discovered this song--one of my all-time favorites--called Debra. I remember friends describing this song to me long ago, which they had seen him perform live before it was ever recorded. Apparently Beck got down on his knees and said, "You make a grown man wanna cry" and launched into it. This is Tessa's description:

This is one of those songs that's like so good, and you're a little shocked that you've NEVER heard it before, because both the song, and yourself have been on the earth together since 1999 so it's insane that it's taken you 9 YEARS to finally listen to it and realize that you love it. And it also makes you feel a little uncool, like WHY hadn't you heard this album, or been at a party where this came on, until last night in your friend's living room? I love you, little blond man who likes to wear fringe.

Favorite lines:

I'll pick you up late at night after work
I said lady, Step inside my Hyundai
I'm gonna take up to Glendale
I'm gonna take you for a real good meal
'Cause when our eyes did meet
Girl, you know I was packing' heat
Ain't no use in wasting no time
Getting to know each other
You never do

When Beck sang to us in Santa Cruz a few years back, he said, ever-so-sincerely, "Y'all are great, you make wanna...oh make me wanna touch dolphins." And I definitely believed him.


Tessa said...

Mwhahahahahah! Beck totally makes me want to touch dolphins too. But it's not even the *absolute genius* of the line "step inside my hyundai", it's like, how he sings it in the studio version: "Step inside my hyundaaaaayaaii" It's SO GOOD. There's even like, a wikipedia article about it, I guess he wrote this parody those R&B songs about picking up girls at the mall, as well as Prince's Rasberry Beret (note the similarities between meeting a "Jenny" at "JCpennies" in this song and the girl who was "working part time at the five and dime" in Rasberry Beret. The similarities only grow from there.) Anyways, horaay to Amity and to that beautiful wee man.

Deb said...

I had no idea there was a song out there with my name on it. And the spelling is the same. Thanks!