Monday, January 21, 2008

Stuck Tune Syndrome

Ever since I saw the season finale of "Extras" a few weeks ago, I've developed a case of Stuck Tune Syndrome and can't get this damned Kate Bush song out of my head. And now, neither will you....bwahahahaha!

'Twas a very sad episode. Watching the character Maggie Jacobs (left) give up on her acting career, scrubbing bathrooms instead, trying to get a job at Car Phone Warehouse and, when told there weren't any jobs available, breaking down to proclaim, "I've wasted my life...I haven't done anything....I haven't been anywhere." And this song was in the background nearly the whole time.

Damn skippy I cried. And I know of a certain man who cried too, so don't judge.


Hip E. said...

That's funny, after watching the first three episodes of Extras over Xmas I had what you call STS for two weeks with "Tea For The Tillerman" until I rented Disc 2 and had somebody pando me the Cat Stevens album. Then when I read your post I realized that you were telling me what happens in the last episode of the show. Jesus. I felt like I was looking at Heath Ledger's decaying cock'n'balls. Before, I wanted to get a beer with you sometime. Now I'm afraid we'd be sitting in a diner and you would say "wow, this is just like the last episode of The Sopranos when Tony-"

amityb said...

Ouch. Should have put up a spoiler alert. But I don't think I ultimately gave away the ending. There's also that whole Big Brother..whoops, I'm doing it again. But really, why would they have Maggie give up her acting career? Then it would have to be called "Former Extras", which really doesn't sound like a good premise for a television show at all.

Vix said...

I really love that song