Tuesday, January 08, 2008

John Oliver's Bugle

There's been a deep, dark void in my heart for the Daily Show for a while now. The pit of sorrow is beyond words my friends. Fortunately, I've recently discovered John Oliver's podcast, The Bugle, an "audionewspaper" put out by the Times. In his most recent edition,Oliver comments on the Iowa caucus:

What better representative sample for one of the most multicultural nations on Earth than Iowa. The mood of the nation, set by less than 300,000 white, Protestant farmers?

It's a really personal form of politics...door to door campaigning...How badly do you want to be President? Will you sit through some 73 year-old man's diatribe against Mexicans and how the moon landing was faked, whilst pretending to like his wife's homemade corn muffins? Do you really want this job?

Many have fallen at this stage. Roosevelt once proclaimed a woman's homemade peach cobbler was like eating a decayed pigeon, before telling the lady where she could stick her vote. That took a lot of coming back from.

This edition, complete with hot pics, makes me feel like the Queen of Sheeba on a quad bike:

***UPDATE: As of Monday, Daily Show AND Colbert WERE back on the air, without writers, but still very very good! Yessssss.

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