Friday, July 06, 2007


Having not monitored the whereabouts of my Wikipedia entry entitled, "hang loose Hawaii", I was alerted from others that it had been taken down within hours. This should come as no surprise, Wiki admin are quickly turning into the Gestapo of grammar and objectivity. Well, at least for a disenfranchised coalition of incredibly geeked-out editing obsessives who will spend hundreds upon thousands of hours of their lives managing information just for the hell of it. According to a recent NYT article, "A great many entries are deemed unworthy even of Wikipedia's catholic attention and are deleted within days, hours or even minutes." Dudes need to chill, they need to just hang loose Hawaii and go back to playing Pokemon and hitting bedtime when their moms tell them to.

In retrospect I am a little upset, however, since I have actually created an entry in the past while doing some crafty work for a PR company, and that entry was totally meant to make a cosmetic company look good. It's still up.Guess who our client was. It's so obviously meant for marketing purposes that I can't believe it's been up for almost four months now.

For those who didn't get a chance to find the true definition of "hang loose Hawaii", I'll try to summarize it for you here:

"Hang Loose Hawaii is a slang term popularized in the early part of the 21st century among west coast American youth, commonly used to express a strong desire to be chill and stay mellow in a war-torn world ravaged by the threat of imminent, global terrorism."

Then I went on to describe how to make the hang loose sign with your hand by extending the thumb and pinkie finger. I also made note that the dyslexic and mentally retarded may have a difficult time with this gesture, so it is suggested that they extend their index and pinkie instead. I followed that passage with the following picture:

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I then described the Hawaiian roots of the term by sourcing the "Aloha Insider"--just so my game seemed legit. To conclude, I gave prime examples of how one could use the term in casual conversation, which is as follows:

A: "Dude, my little sister just got critically wounded with a taser gun by the campus police, and the Marxism lecturer just got shot down at the anti-war demonstration, wanna go join the rioters ouside?"

B: "No bro, American Idol's on, I think I'm just hang loose Hawaii and stay in tonight. That Simon Cowell is so funny, what a douchebag."


A: "Yo! What's up bro? Wanna get all agro tonight and drop some
acid at the video arcade?"

B:"No sorry I'm not down with the hard stuff, tonight I think I'm
just gonna hang loose Hawaii."

A: "Yeah I hear ya."

But good news! I just Googled "hang loose Hawaii" and found my entry! It is Number 4 in the listings, right under a website for "Gay Vacations". Try clicking on it! Now! If Google is the Billboard Charts for information, my entry still reigns supreme. And I'm still waiting to hear back from the Urban Dictionary, so who knows, I may singlehandedly reshape American slang terminology as we know it with this one.


Missy said...

Those wiki editors work fast. I have a few friends who had their submissions denied. Interesting about the eyelash extensions. I did not even know they existed!

Linda said...

What does Jim Carrey retro cool mean again?

amityb said...

Just the movement that Brendan and Jeff hope to create by bringing back phrases such as "Schmoookin!" or "P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotta!"