Monday, February 25, 2008

To Nancy, with Love

Today I wrote an email to Pelosi (she is my district rep) in regards to this unbelievable 60 minutes blackout story. Click here to watch the segment that was outright censored from Alabama residents last night. Click here to find out why former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman has such a messy past with the justice-crushing jihadists at the DoJ. I'll give updates if her assistants actually get back to me:

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

It is with the utmost respect as a fellow Dem that I write to you and bring to the forefront a most troubling issue: the censorship of a 60 minutes broadcast about former Alabama governor Don Siegelman, which occurred last night, "coincidentally" enough, in the northern district of Alabama that the beleaguered statesman hails from. The merits of the censorship claim itself are shocking to say the least, but one needn't dig too deep to find a litany of dirty politics that has seeped up from the municipal level to the federal via Karl Rove and co.

Here's a NYT blogger on the Siegelman/60 min story, comparing the US to Pakistan in terms of censorship:

Now I know the whole wire tapping issue has been reduced to a mindless squabble about patriotism and the like, and I do believe you and your fellow members of the house are fighting the good fight to protect our once-sacred civil liberties--but surely you can see the multifaceted implications of the ongoing witch hunt of Mr. Siegelman? A witch hunt whereby the witch stands before the fire (or, in this, case, a seven year prison sentence) all because he is the only politician in Alabama history to have been elected to the four highest elected positions: Secretary of State, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and Governor (thank you Wikipedia).

Is being a Democrat a crime? Apparently, in Alabama it is.

Now I am well aware that there may be legitimate "corruption charges" against Mr. Siegelman for accepting $500,000 from a Mr. Scrush so that he could be appointed to some hospital board. But if this is a basis for imprisonment and a forever tarnished legacy, then why aren't the 146 Bush-Cheney donors who spent over $100,000 a pop to be appointed into government office behind bars as well?

And what of the burglaries that occurred several times in the Siegelman home up until his arraignment? Or the fire set to the house of key witness Dana Jill Simpson?

If none of these verified and cross-verified incidences can be thrown into evidence against Rove, Gonzalez, Canary, Riley, and whoever else I'm leaving out, surely you can approach this matter as an obstruction of the public trust and a clear attack on the barriers of our federal and state court system?!

Please let me know that something is being done. As a journalist I am appalled at this sloppy game of corruption, and that it has developed into a case of full-blown censorship.

Thank you for your time and due diligence in this matter.


Amity [Amity's last name and address]

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