Saturday, February 02, 2008

Shepard Fairey Illustration, given to me by Matt, with a special message.

Obama v Clinton Rant

I am so sick of this heinous woman, this Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and I do not care if your automatic response is that I am a misogynist, hear me out on this because this is important, and whoever is reading this now better just give in to rational thought and vote for the only person to come along in decades that actually inspires hope and has singlehandedly been able to break through the more than base apathy felt in my generation and appeal to those who are for the first time in their lives of proper voting age and whose only political knowledge consists of the Onion and Vice magazine and I just had a friend of said variety that went on and on at great length (sure he was stoned and drunk but that's beside the point) about Obama's performance in the California democratic debates and could recite word for word Obama's foreign policy strategies and his health care plan which really, if you knew anything about health care policy and did your homework, you would see that Hillary's plan is weak in that she doesn't understand the underlying constraints (poverty) on people seeking medical attention, she just doesn't see why people or small businesses for that matter do not purchase healthcare plans and in this case the triangulation approach to politics her husband championed and bestowed upon her has come at the cost of her false populist posturing like so many of her other policies and besides, her track record does not give her authority on the matter nor does spending time as someone's spouse, I know beggars can't be choosers when it comes to electing a female president, but do we really want a first lady for first president I sure don't, there just has to be female politicians out there who got to where they are on their own merits rather than supporting their husbands and I know the argument that she was really instrumental 'ole Bill's presidency but honestly I don't want a Bush/Clinton legacy, America is supposed to be a society of meritocracy not "democratic" nepotism and besides that, even if you make the argument that she is more specific in the outlining of her policies than Obama guess what it doesn't mean shit because the only thing you can do is trust your instincts when it comes to electing the next president, if you actually looked back and compared what presidential candidates said they would do for the country to what they actually did once elected, you would see so many disparities it would make you're head spin, and if Oprah, Hulk Hogan and Lawrence Lessig support Obama, that's one hell of an endorsement trifecta and good enough for me and you know what the fact that he's black doesn't even come into the equation for me and I am so goddamn sick of the whole media brouhaha about gender v race with these two candidates; throw in Romney's faith and you can throw creed into the mix, and I will not subscribe to the notion that our nation is playing a collective game of rock, paper, scissors with gender, race, and creed it is about quality of the individual--I genuinely believe that American voters are smart enough to see beyond these factors but on the topic of gender, let me just say that I was disgusted as a woman to see Mrs. Clinton up there on TV crying over how important this race is--I heard an underlying threating tone to that emotional display, as if she were Guiliani on estrogen pills, if she wants to throw in the threat that she's the only person that can truly "defend the homeland" in times like these she can stop while she's ahead because I ain't about to stand for an American version of 'ole Iron Britches Margaret Thatcher, I don't mean to make stereotypes but I'm a little weary when it comes to women who play hard like Thatcher and Condoleeza Rice and feel they need to beef up their military might just to show they have the proverbial cohones and if you don't think that was part of Mrs. Clinton's political misstep for VOTING FOR THE WAR then I don't know what else to say and I'm sorry if my mother won't be able to live to see a female president but by god I do not want that hawk in sheep's clothing in that office--we need an ultimate, superhuman diplomat with a Christian AND Muslim background and with a middle name like, say, HUSSEIN, to really throw jihadists and radical Islamic militants into a tizzy VOTE OBAMA!!!


Evan said...

id rather be a racist than a misogynist
jk :)
hilary has a better track record than obama because obama doesnt have one
obama has just 1 year of experience
what has he done?
nothing that i know of
smoke and mirrors everyone
smoke and mirrors...
dont be fooled by this beautifully written piece of propaganda
its more important for our country to be in the hands of people who know what to do than people who know how to convince

amityb said...

First off, go here:

-THREE years in the US Senate, 8 in the State Senate compared to Hillary's 8 years in the US Senate from a state she is not from.

-In a presidential race, senators have historically been snubbed because its easy to tear apart their legislative track record and make them appear to be a "flip flopper" or to be more corrupted by lobbyists etc. Only JFK and Warren G Harding have successfully made it from the senate to the presidency, people tend to favor governors. That being said, Obama will be a really tough target for the Republican spin machine.

-Then again, you've got crazy people like Ann Coulter supporting her:

"...if he's [McCain's] our candidate, than Hillary is going to be our girl, because she's more conservative than he is," Coulter said. "I think she would be stronger on the war on terrorism."


-besides, you just don't like black people.

amityb said...

-also besides, you are still drunk from Superbowl festivities. I forgive you.

Evan said...

i love black people
michael jordan...
chris rock...
i even like kobe and hes a rapist
moving on...
i dont think the republicans will be much competition this year because people are so disgusted with them
its more about who will do a good job in office than who can beat the republicans
think about it
barack has had to raise a lot of money to go from someone weve never heard of to someone we all talk about
hes going to owe a lot of favors to a lot of lobbyists if he does get to the office and i doubt he has enough experience to handle it
dont trust the hype
trust hilary

Evan said...

and yes
i did have a few beers :)
go giants!

amityb said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you Evan. You must ask yourself who has a better shot, who can beat the Republicans. Now if you've got a McCain v Clinton race (which looks very likely sorry Mitt), McCain's gonna win because he's a lot more liberal than Hillary on a lot of things, campaign finance reform for example. Conservatives hate McCain in a lot of ways too, and so some may even switch teams like Coulter. But with either McCain or Clinton, there literally will be "no way out" of Iraq. The private sector in the MidEast will blow up to epic proportions and you'll have to live there in order to feed your family.
Besides, McCain and Clinton are very similar on most issues, your vote wouldn't mean a damn thing in the end. Here's a quote from Bill Clinton I found on CNN:

"She and John McCain are very close," Clinton said. "They always laugh that if they wound up being the nominees of their party, it would be the most civilized election in American history, and they're afraid they'd put the voters to sleep because they like and respect each other."

-And as far as his finance issues, you're wrong yet again. He's got a ton of money being thrown at him from former Edwards supporters and that's a fact.

gjg said...

Wow, that post was one really long sentence! Good times, I call for more posts like that. Anyway, I for one am not going to underestimate the Democrat's ability to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" by picking Clinton, who quite obviously is thoroughly hated by so many people that it really does seem McCain would win, absurd as that is. I'm no Obama fanboy, but if the Democrats can't see that he's their only chance then they have their heads even further up their behinds than I thought...

Evan said...

yeah i dont think mccain is too much of a threat
he couldnt even get his own partys nomination in 2000
everything he touches turns to shit
but the thing about barack is he hasnt really done anything to distinguish himself because he hasnt been around long enough to
ill give him a chance after hes paid his dues
hilary in 08...
obama in 2016...
mccain in 2000-never!

mr poopypants said...

evan is a racist.

amityb said...

I'll have to concur with poopypants on this one.

Also, McCain is a threat. If Hillary wins the nomination, you'll see how everything he touches miraculously turns to gold. Mark my words dude.

Apologies if my rant was hard to read--I was amped up on pills listening to Charlie Parker and writing on a massive scroll. Or was that Jack Kerouac.

gjg said...

You're the Jack Kerouac of the Internet, babe.

matthew said...

I have received 3 phone calls from the Obama camp thus far. Each time a raspy voiced 20 something ( apparently up for days war dialing the masses) delivered a passionate speech encouraging me to “vote Obama”. Alas, Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want any Matthew love... not a single call. I suppose I’m outside of her target audience.

In the last 2 days, Bradley Whitford and Scarlett (be still my beating heart) Johansson have both called me. Man… what a dirty trick Obama! If you had Scarlett ask me to murder someone I would have done it in a New York minute. Bravo sir, bravo.

To top it all off, Stevie fuckin’ Wonder calls me this morning, singing that he just called to say that he loved me. That was so sweet. He did fib a little… he also asked me to vote for Obama. I like that tho. Just when I was swooning, bam! solicitation of the highest degree.

All in all, Obama’s camp of supporters managed to call me a half dozen times over the last week. (by the way, Ron Paul managed to slip me one phone call as well).

I gotta say, the Scarlett/Stevie one-two punch garners my vote for Obama. Maybe in four years he can convince the cast of High School Musical to come over and have an orgy with me. Is that too much to ask for? I didn’t think so.

Evan said...

i love how if you dont support obama youre instantly a racist
hes going to play that race card all the way to the oval office...
im a big stevie fan and it makes me sad to see him turned into telemarketer
vote obama and support the pre-recorded phone message industry!

matthew said...

Evan... Oprah just called. She is very disappointed in you. Very disappointed indeed.

Evan said...

oprah doesnt know how to treat her fans...
if she really cared about me she would lift that restraining order

amityb said...

woah, i don't know where this conversation is going at all. matt, i think you just successfully convinced me to leave the democratic party and join the independents--i want to be pursued by scarlett johansen!

hahahahaha evan! the fact that you actually think obama is somehow "playing the race card" is what makes me think you're a racist. dude, it's a fact that black people don't think he's black enough--clinton talks blacker when addressing southern supporters than he ever has. i think hillary was playing the gender card when she cried though, i will say that much.

Evan said...

i dont think he plays the race card but lets face it some of his supporters do no?
in any case if i see you cry when the results come in i promise not to accuse you of playing the gender card ;)

amityb said...

My Canadian friend Shawne sent me an email in response to this post that I wanted to share because she raises a really great point. She said:

Isn't it possible that hawkish pols like Clinton or Rice play hard because that's what they really believe? Perhaps it has little to do with gender, and more to do with the type of people who are attracted to power and the nature of empires.

And so I said:

Very true, very true. It's probably my own bigotry that makes me associate warmongers with the masculine. It's hard enough for me to understand the psyche of sociopaths like Bush, and gender overcompensation seems to be the easiest explanation when I look at women who equally abuse power. I guess my standards for women are just higher than for those of men. Which, in a weird way, I suppose makes me the misogynist here.

gjg said...

Yay! Racism and misogyny! We all win!!!