Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Peace at Last

Thank god I voted today. I feel my voice was critical for the outcome of this election. I was a part of history today and I want to scream it from the rooftops! God bless democracy! I love you America, and you're alright too San Francisco!!! Woo hoo!!! Yessssss!!!!!

I really didn't care for most of the measures on that ballot though. Choosing a democratic nomination: eh. Limiting term limits for state legislators: who cares? Giving more money to Indian tribes: BO-RING! I made it to that polling booth for one reason and one reason only: Prop C, people. The Alcatraz Conversion Project.

Brought to you by the Global Peace Foundation, in association with One Earth, One People, Peace Vision, Inc, this new center's gonna be kick-ass! I can just imagine all the peace that's gonna happen, as soon as we have a center on an island for it! Sorry Darfur region, you won't be making headlines anymore. And too bad for you Israelis and Palestinians, guess you're gonna have to do something else in your spare time instead of being all non-peaceful 'n shit. Just imagine this:
"The Alcatraz Conversion Project involves removing the main prison block and in its place, we envision constructing an International Conference Center For Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, along with the Harmonium, an aesthetically beautiful multi-faceted geodesic dome. The Harmonium will employ advanced three dimensional holographic sound technologies and other special effect technologies which will which will promote and elicit a deep meditative, transpersonal and transcendental experience! An Ascension Experience!!

In addition, we envision a dramatic Statue of St. Francis, welcoming all to the San Francisco Bay Area plus an Alcatraz Museum which will archive the long and short term history of THE ROCK. The Global Peace Center, based on the geometry of the Hexagram, will be magnificently landscaped, and redesigned with graceful curves by removing its jagged cliffs. A permanent MEDICINE WHEEL and a LABYRINTH will be constructed, thus providing sacred sanctuary and ceremonial spaces. The island will be an international showcase for sustainable energy technologies, ie: solar, wind and ocean thermal generated energy systems.
Holy crap you guys I can't wait.


matthew said...

You'll be happy to know (or sad, depending) that the peace island has been trounced in the voting process (around 3 to 1 against):


and... S.F. voted for B.O. over H.C.

Don't cry Amity... your vote was not in vain.

amityb said...

No Matthew no!!! Why do people hate peace so much?