Sunday, February 24, 2008

More rolf, less Ralph

Nader you asshole. You have to fuck with the popular will of the people of this country, don't you? I know this is a symbolic gesture to make it easy for third party candidates to run, but didn't you learn anything in 2000 you shithead? And this is no time for grand, principled gestures. Do you really think Clinton or Obama are running just to make a point, knowing that they won't win, but simply to make it easier for others like them to run in the future? Do you think that Bush ran to make the symbolic gesture that even the mentally retarded should have a shot at the presidency? If you cause Obama to loose to McCain, that's it, Canada here I come.

As I type this, I can't feel my left arm. I think something in my back is out of line and is creating a circulation problem. I think I've developed a dependency on chiropracy over the past few months. Every time my chiropractic student friend Sean comes to visit, he gets really drunk and says, "Who wants to get cracked?" Of course I volunteer, it feels great. And yes he's nearly broken my neck a few times by twisting it, but it just feels so good. But now I feel I'm dependent. Recently I heard about rolfing, which sounds like a cross between a massage and "getting cracked"--anyone heard of this? I think I need more rolf in my life, no Ralph thanks very much.

This anonymous video (anonymous of Scientology-bashing fame) about Ralph Nader is awesome btw, enjoy:



gjg said...

Aw man, don't be a hater. Don't you like seatbelts?

amityb said...

Freaking love seatbelts. This isn't about the seatbelts. Don't be a hater hater.

And thank you for the educational links my friend.

Tessa said...

If Nader causes McCain to win, I will hunt him down myself (and also chain you to a lamp post so you can't leave for Canada).

Anonymous said...

I thought rolfing was throwing up. Thanks for the education.

amityb said...

That's ralphing. The association of throwing up with Ralph Nader is very fitting right now, too.