Sunday, March 16, 2008

Will Ferrell's Actors' Studio

I made a group of folks in a cabin in Tahoe watch this the other night at the end of a rough days' skiing 'n such. I don't know if it was the altitude and drunkenness, but we all almost died. It's a parody of James Lipton's "Inside the Actors' Studio," with Ferrell as Lipton interviewing the cast of "Old School." It has to be one of the best Will Ferrell bits I've ever seen. And ridiculously funny if you've ever seen James Lipton's outrageous celebrity ass-kissing in action. If you haven't seen "Old School" don't bother--this is way funnier.

Ferrell (as Lipton): When you speak it is like speaking to an alien, one that doesn't communicate through sound but through emotion.

I look at you and I look into the dull, lifeless eyes of a mannequin. But you
are powerful.

So many index cards full of questions--so ridiculous.


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