Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quote of the Week:

"What I need is a shotgun to blow off your head."

OK, let me put this one in proper context.

I am having a beautiful day at the park on Easter. Me and some friends are watching the fashion parade of men in their finest Easter dresses with bonnets and frilly underpants (remember we are in San Francisco). My favorite, though, is a shirtless man wearing leather chaps who has deconstructed a stuffed-animal bunny and re-attached the feet onto his legs like knee guards. He uses the bunny's head as a helmet. Later he will dance to Prince when someone shows up with a sound system attached to a large tricycle.

We leave the park and then return from the store after gathering more refreshments. I slowly make my way across the sidewalk with my bike, after crossing the street. An old, frail-looking woman comes at me from the side on a motorized wheelchair like a bat out of hell at about 15 mph and 10 ft away.

Lady in wheelchair: (Screaming loudly) "Get out of my way, you're blocking the goddamn ramp!"

Me: (Nothing but air, jaw on the ground)

Tom: (Arms outstretched) "All you need is love!"

Lady in wheelchair: (Pointing at Tom) "What I need is a shotgun to blow off your head."

Later I forget about it and come across the cutest bunny I have ever seen:


gjg said...

I gotta start using that phrase. All the time.

JOY said...

oh what lovely memories you've captured here. :)

amityb said...

Glad I could "capture the moment"!