Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Joelene doesn't know what to blog about

So I'll do it for her.

Last week I decided I was going to have my dear friend Joelene E. blog for me from Rome, where she is now living with a man who does the Italian voice of Homer Simpson. Living vicariously through her has become a hobby for me. Like internet chess.

I am guessing she is drinking too much wine to follow up on the topics mentioned. This is all she wrote:

dizzam, amity! you're giving me a writing assignment?! fine. i'll do it. but you have to choose one of the three following topics:

1. arguing in italian. including:
ME: "OK! fine! since we can't talk about anything serious without fighting, from now on we only talk about banal, small things...like flowers or soup!" TONINO: "but joelene, flowers are not banal, flowers are beautiful" ME: "AGGH! i kill you!" (*since moving in with tonino i now speak a mix of fractured english and bad italian...like "ho fucking capito!". "ho capito" means "i understand" in italian, hence).

2. my valentine's day. including: a surprise from tonino, a screening of the worst french film i've ever seen, followed by a dinner with it's creators, one of whom was massimo cristaldi (son of franco cristaldi who made that italian film Cinema Paradiso). "joelene, tell us what you thought of the film...the truth." "well...i was wondering why the film starts out with the music from The Shining and then ends with the music from Charlie Brown's Christmas. and that part where the mother escapes from the mental hospital and has sex with a jeweler was a bit confusing."

3. italians are superstitious and watch a lot of TV

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