Thursday, March 20, 2008

Honey look at me, lookat me. Honey--over here. Lookat me, lookat me...doggone menopause.

Women Quiz:

The Daily Show's John Oliver has a podcast called The Bugle, as I've mentioned before, and it is NOT to be missed.

The following is "a bugle women quiz, for men" from Episode 20: Who's The Least Democratic of Them All. Co-host Andy Zaltzman gave two likes and two dislikes of women and asked men to tell which are which:

1. Increased gender equality in society as a whole.

2. The elemental agony of childbirth.

3. The ability to combine a rewarding career and home life.

4. The menopause and the slow, inevitable decline into the inescapable chasm of death that it ominously foreshadows.

--so which ones are which, men? I know I know, it's a tough one.

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