Thursday, June 07, 2007

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Today I read about this Suoi Tien Park near Hanoi, a Buddhist-themed water park, aquairium, crocodile farm and campground. Naturally. Attractions include Heaven Palace, a recreation of what eternal life would be like for exiles of hell after years of drugs, gambling, adultery, etc etc...sound familiar? Probably because fundamentalist Christians have been doing a haunted house version of it every Halloween.

There is also entertainment:
"Should you, our honored guest, want to enjoy music and song programs, please come to Frog Stage containing of over 5,000 persons or to other big stages, at the same time, you can enjoy the music and fresh air after a week of tiresome labor."

Frog Stage I'm all over it. And another thing you can't get in the US and A is a "Bat Cave with Innumerable Bats". Or how about "1,500 crocodiles of all sizes which cause fearful feeling for tourist"! Yesss.
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Of its conception and construction, the site explains: "People of the 'open door time' now have constructed a brilliant cultural work". Who are these "open door time" people and what do they want from me?

My excitement for this amusement park quickly bowed to a fevered nervousness (I don't know if it's the caffeine, or pure raw fear that is making my little hands shake at this very second) when I noticed that I was visitor number 066006. But that's not all--I returned to the site FOUR HOURS LATER and this is what the bottom of the screen said:
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What the hell.


Linda said...

Joy Behar will perform at the Masonic Center this Saturday. Interested? I sent Jeff the link if you want it.

Yes I turned your blog into a superannoying MySpace substitute.

Linda said...

My Joy Behar idea went down in flames. Apparently nobody else wanted to brag jokingly about seeing her as much as I did. Whatever.