Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A self-described ex-goth emailed me to petition Ikea, the neurotically-minimalist Swede furniture behemoth, for obvious reasons:

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Doesn't this description seem more than a bit obscure? Did a disgruntled prepster intern have a field day in the marketing dept or what? I didn't even know there was a legitimate gothic community in Sweden...

Here's a few more that I came up with, if I were working for Ikea and, at the time, I was a conformity-loving, Ritalin-addicted college student embittered by "alternative types", but loved my generic Ikea chicness:

"Brusselsprouttikki hanging lamp: your grad will need to get high to hang this stylish lamp, but not high like stoners, who can be a bad influence."

--or how about, "Bootikafka duvet cover: futursitic modern chic, yet won't inspire D&D sessions and sloppy kissing that can be expected from sci-fi dweebs, who can be a bad influence."

--or, "Kournikovalla shag rug: your grad will feel so comfortable passing out on the rug, she won't ever want to get ruffied by a frat boy again, who can be a bad influence."


Linda said...

I just lol'd.

JCA said...

love the ikea product names you came up with. sheesh. :D