Thursday, June 14, 2007


Today I lashed out at my mother via email at a completely asinine letter she had forwarded to me, written by some frustrated, conservative Iowa crackpot (I think she might have found it humorous and somehow politically forthright). It was entitled, "A Great Deal!" This idiot had the nerve to tell the Honorable Senator Tom Harkin that he was looking for ways to declare status as an illegal immigrant, as, under new immigration law approved by Harkin, he would only have to pay a $2,000 fee and taxes for three of the past five years. Also, the pantload (my dad's favorite insult) went on to say that he would enjoy the local ER as his primary health provider (has he ever been to one? they're a joke! wtf?), and the "preferential treatment" his daughter would receive in applying to law school, as I'm sure admissions offices to pricey law schools are bombarded with applicants with migrant working backgrounds.

Bottom line, I know what the pantload was going for: he feels cheated by the system. But why is it that when the system fails hard-working American citizens, the first thing most conservatives do is attack minority groups with absolutely no political voice who, might I add, are paying social security for services they will never receive? Illegal immigrants are nothing more than scapegoats for bombastic retards like this dude who have no concept of how this country operates and who it institutionally fucks over. Upon comprehensive studies on the subject, I have devised this pie chart with information taken from the US Department of Health from a study entitled, "How you are getting fucked on the whole health care thing/who shapes your disinterest in defending your rights to fair coverage":

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Has anyone ever dared to venture what would compel a person to risk their lives to come to this messed up country to begin with? Is it really to take advantage of our system? Are illegal aliens really living off the fat of the land? Was I the only one in the world to read, this past December, that 1 in every 20 Hispanics in our country dies of hunger each year?

Oh and they are bringing leprosy in record numbers!!! Or that's what you would believe if you swore by that 'tard Lou Dobbs, who made this declaration on his crappy "news" program by citing some douchebag lawyer and Renaissance studies scholar who, in speeches, claimed that Mexican immigrants habitually molest children and rape is as serious to them as stealing cows back in their home villages. Her name is Dr. Madeleine Cosman, and I'm glad she's dead.

Read this article, get some perspective and shut the hell up.

P.S. Sorry mom.


Disobedient Deby said...

I forwarded the email to you as a FYI of the ignoramus "pantload" floating around out there. Just to make myself personally clear, I at no time thought I was forwarding a "ha ha" joke, but a "what a joke" joke.
I request a retraction of sorts as homage to your mother who doesn't like to read depressing news yet has a bit of common sense, compassion, and intelligence!

Disobedient Deby said...