Monday, June 11, 2007


As I type this, I have been on hold with the Embarcadero Center post office for nearly 45 minutes and have no desire for it to ever end. I am in a purgatorial state of grace--a lavish, soothingly euphonious netherworld where I have an excuse to be unproductive for a spell while chained to this grim cubicle. Muzac envelops me, easing my tension and causing me to envision marble-lined elevators and a corporate lobby of muted asian decor...I am in rapture as I listen to smiley voices beckoning me to purchase more postal services, I picture them as 50s-style caricatures with oversized heads and teeth that sparkle:

...premium international shipping with global express a business or a more secure way of receiveing mail...only you have the key...heading for london, tokyo or shanghai?...get your passport application faster by requesting expedited you can buy stamps at everyday places...

Here's a fun photo:
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My own private blog-a-hoe said...

So...did they have your package? :->

amityb said...

no, they totally didn't. they said it would help if i had the slip with some kind of number on it, which i think i threw away. i am totally digging your blog name btw.