Friday, September 05, 2008

RNC Roundup

Many of my friends had a hard time sitting through the '08 Republican National Convention for the past few days minus the irritating spells of nausea and maddening fits of anger, so I thought I'd offer it up in tiny, somewhat digestible pieces with the hope of inducing neither.

Here's Jon Stewart's badass commentary. I especially like his air guitar version of "Free Bird" after Rudy mentions 9/11. Also, I was particularly satisfied with Stewart's response to Sarah Palin when she denigrates community service, saying that "a small town mayor is kind of like a community organizer...with actual responsibilities." Stewart's mocking retort: "So to everyone out there trying to make a difference in their communities...fuck you! You know what you are? You're a thousand points of bullshit!" (Referencing, of course, GH Bush's speech on community service and the power of the individual in which he coined the phrase "a thousand points of light.")

Again, I don't mean to upset anyone, but I think everyone should watch the 9/11 fearmongering clip below, and Keith Olbermann's courageously sensitive response. Bless this man, he comes from a bygone era of venerable and dutiful broadcasters.

The GOP has really outdone themselves this year: laughing at the idea of community activism, passing sarcastic smears off as political rhetoric, exploiting 9/11 once again, ignoring the base level of depravity and strife the middle and lower classes are facing during a staggering economic crisis, boasting old war stories as if they are the only ones to know firsthand the tragedies of war...all of it disgusting beyond words.

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