Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poetry Corner
(apologies, I am no poet)

i type my name in the blank space
agree to the terms of services, click, send, and no going back!
my spine is tight
i feel like a roly poly
in a ball of discomfort
about to bounce back and crawl again
to better spaces than behind this white screen
are you numb from the voyeurism yet?
the screen asks in its best stephen hawking impression
colon, hyphen, lowercase "l"

is this house too dirty?
or too sterile
my senses aren't what they used to be
but up there in the woods
on a hilltop among pine, eucalyptus and others
clean dirt and crisp morning air you can taste!
my insides are one with the outsides
and i don't feel much like dusting
just waving my flashlight around in the dark
truths revealing themselves in the spotlight

i watched a creature go into cardiac arrest
found in a drop of tap water
sprawled under a microscope
in a biology class i was a youth
i remember how it scrambled
on a circular, circus arena of minute proportions
my heart sank at our shared spectacle
i felt foolish and naive
heart sinking
life and death were the same in that moment
and so it forever will be, i thought

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