Monday, September 08, 2008

The beginning of the end of clean elections?

The New York Times yesterday reported that students at Virginia Tech (after a surge in registered Dem voters) have been threatened by the state Board of Elections that, should they decide to register to vote using their college addresses, they may not qualify as dependents on their parents' tax return. In turn, student loans may be in jeopardy. But this, according to the IRS, is a false claim.

This is frightening stuff, people. Every time I talk to someone who seems cynical about an Obama victory, I typically respond by saying that they underestimate the youth vote this time around, as well as an upsurge in Hispanic first-time voters. While I do not believe my statements are overly optimistic, I do know that the impact of these votes will mean nothing without a solid, nationally-uniform voting system unencumbered by scare tactics and voter misinformation. It's just so fundamental; yet it's a topic that no one seems all too worried about. Let this story be a warning of the possible fraud to come.

From the BBC:

I think Virginia is the Ohio and Florida of 2008. With a huge demographic boom of government and knowledge workers in the Northern suburbs, this state has been trending Democrat. War hero McCain is also very popular here - look for this one to be fiercely fought.

Have we completely forgotten about the epidemic of blatant voter fraud that has plagued this country for the past two presidential elections?

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