Sunday, September 07, 2008

A little poetry for you establishment-loathing lovelies

Today I made a most excellent discovery in a tiny, cavernous Antiquarian book shop in Oakland. I found a $6 copy of The Nixon Poems. Written during the treacherous reign of Tricky Dick by poet and banned author (The Inner City Mother Goose) Eve Merriam, it is full of Python-esque collages and poems inspired by TD himself. Here's the poem that made apparent the need to purchase this book immediately:

"Found in an establishment fortune cookie"

If you
puke upon me
I shall
with velvet and sequins
and sell
to you.

1 comment:

Sean Wraight said...

I love it! Excellent find Amity.

The 'used book gods'(Hermes Bibliotecha) must have been smiling on us this weekend... I found a used copy of Allen Ginsberg's Howl to add to my library. Doesn't hold a candle to your great discovery but it more than made my Sunday.

Very cool.