Friday, June 20, 2008

A lesson on flirtation

(The following conversation took place in-between songs on karaoke night. Sarah V was amped up on Sparks and ready to sing her second Justin Timberlake song).

Danny: So I really like this girl at my work, and one of my co-workers,
this other girl, told me I should tell her, "You look like you had a really nice
body in college."

Me: What? That's so f**ked up!

Danny: Well yeah, but she says I need to bruise this girls's ego so that
she looks to me to build it back up.

Me: No. No, I believe that's gonna get you nowhere Danny. That shit doesn't

Sarah V: WHAT?!?! That's the most f**ked thing I've ever heard! If
a guy said that to me, I'd chop off his balls and say, "Sorry--you look like you had a
really nice ball sack in college!"

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