Friday, April 04, 2008

Go home and get the f**k off my television screen, bigot

Honor King, never vote for McCain

Today marks the 40-year anniversary of the assassination of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To mark the occasion, I spent this morning watching John McCain on CNN, he was on the stump at the very motel where King was shot down in Memphis. I spent the morning cursing and getting angry, basically.

Funny how a congressman who voted against making MLK day a national holiday in 1983 is now soiling the very place where bigots like him took MLK down. (Yes I use "bigots" in the plural, lots of folks were glad that day happened. Lots of folks who will vote for McCain.)

He voted against it in 1983! It's not like the Civil Rights Movement had just begun a few weeks ago! And he was 47 years old, it's not like he was some young hot-shot politician that hadn't formed his beliefs yet! Even Newt Gingrich and Lord Darth Cheney voted for the holiday!

It's true that McCain told USA Today that vote was a mistake in 1987. But then he voted in 1994 to cut funding from the commission that promoted the holiday!

And what was it, exactly, that motivated him to make those votes in the first place?

And what is his motivation today for aligning himself with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference? What is his motivation for claiming to embrace all the issues that King gave his life for?

Because if he really did accept King's teachings, he would want to get us the hell out of Iraq, and he would actually want to help the working class poor rather than provide more tax breaks so that their numbers grow.

King's son wrote a beautiful Op-Ed yesterday about poverty in America. Did you know that this nation's government does not consider a family of four making $21,000 a year impoverished? King's son is calling for a poverty cabinet to address this plague of starvation and financial ruin. If McCain wants to put his money where his mouth is, he'd heed the advice. But we all know that will never happen, so f**k you McCain.

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