Thursday, April 03, 2008

An ad for you

You know what this blog is lacking? Ads. That's right, ads (the Brits fancy saying "adverts"). So here is an ad for you, because you know what you guys? Content doesn't come for free. Everybody needs to advertise sometimes. Granted, this is a not-for-profit blog, but still, I don't make up the rules here, it's just the American advertising way. Enjoy:

From the Bonsai web site:

"Awesome sandals! It's like an Ugg and a Rainbow sandal got together and had a Bonsai!"

-- Danny R., Santa Cruz, CA

"I love my Bonsais! The sheepskin really does keep my feet warm, and now I can walk around in flip flops even though it's cold outside. Thanks for letting me stay such a lazy slacker!"

-- Steve P., Newport Beach, CA

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