Monday, July 28, 2008

Looking for love in all the weird places

It's a modern day love story that's sure to prove classic one day: boy doesn't meet girl, opting to obsessively stare, from afar, on a New York City subway train. Boy then creates website,, in the hopes of taking Craiglist's "Missed Connections" concept to bored-Williamsburg-hipster graphic extremes, with clever captions of hip sketches to demonstrate ironic propriety, in the hopes that this novel idea will allow other NY hipsters to recognize the stylish attire of obsessed-upon girl, and pass the website's address on to someone who may know or is in fact assumed, "NYGirlOfMyDreams." The scheme actually works, and within 48 hours someone who knows the girl alerts the boy. Days later, boy meets girl and, according to reports, they "hit it off."

But then, just yesterday, an update from the Australian press on this epic love story of our times, the headline reads: New York Subway romance the end of the line

Alas, after international media coverage, a spot on "Good Morning America", and a movie adaptation in the works of the incident, their love is no more. After TWO epic months, the "subway soul mates" are no more.

--As ridiculous as I think this story is, I can't help but feel really sorry for Moberg, the boy, who sounds really sad in the few quotes he gave to the press. I mean, it seems like the girl used him for the media attention; the article paints her as a struggling actress opportunist. (Hayton is the girl's last name):

Hayton told The Sunday Telegraph that she is enjoying single life in New York, keeping busy with acting classes, working in two vintage clothing stores and as a waitress.

Last week she had a small role as a waitress in the long-running daytime soap "As The World Turns" and last year she was an extra in a "blink and you'd miss it" scene in the hit movie "Sex And The City."

"I just can't believe it happened. It feels like a long time ago," said Hayton.

Moberg, however, was still refusing to comment on the relationship.

"We've decided not to do any more press," he wrote in an e-mail to Reuters.

R.I.P. Modern Classic Love Story of Our Times, R.I.P.

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