Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Bastille Day (s' Eve)!

This morning I ate me some crepes, listened to some Francomusique (Serge, Carla Bruni and Stereo Total) and took in some French culture. By "French Culture" I mean this video with Gainsbourg and his prepubescent daughter Charlotte:

I tried to get my French housemate to explain.

Me: So explain to me this "Lemon Incest."

Amelie: Well, eez like, "Lemon Zest," but instead, "Incest", you know, because 'e is 'er father.

Me: Oh, thanks for explaining. Did people like this video? Did he loose any fans?

Amelie: Yes, eet was popular. 'E did not lose fans, they were just like, "Eez a reely crasi guy!" 'E used to go on TV and burn money. I donno."

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