Friday, May 16, 2008

This just in: a special message from Jay

My friend Jay B. in sunny Los Angeles, California, emailed several friends the following bulletin:

I'm issuing this bulletin to request that everyone reading it boycott the movie "What Happens In Vegas" starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.

I have no political or sociological objections to the content of this film. I just think it looks fucking stupid. I don't think people should see it. I don't even know anyone who wants to see it. Everyone says it looks lame.

If it were sexually explicit or excessively violent I'd be all for going. I'm so sick of things being boycotted on depravity. Depravity is fine. Ashton Kutcher in a romantic comedy titled after a commercial that carries an implied endorsement of adultery isn't. I wish he'd quit making movies and just do hot dog commercials or something.

So I call for everyone boycott "What Happens in Vegas" because it looks really silly, it's PG-13, and its designed to appeal to everyone.

And that just offends me.

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Tessa said...

Yeah, I totally won our bet. SHE gets dumped. HE gets fired. MAHAHAHAHA.