Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Bill O'

You are such a mental patient. If people like you are able to become ringleaders of our corporate media circus, we live in a crazy world indeed...

This vintage clip of his meltdown on "Inside Edtion" was just posted on Gawker:

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(Side note: Youtube took this clip down and I had to find it on instead. Just makes you wonder what other types of videos they're censoring these days.)


Penny Nichols said...

The man is indeed in need of a meditation intervention.
Free your mind the rest will follow O'Bill.

Sean Wraight said...


Sadly, the music of Sting has been known to affect me in much the same way.

Your sidenote is an astute one. Examples of censorship continue to grow. Let's hope it doesn't extend to Blogger anytime soon.