Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Indiana and North Carolina agree: Clinton not Obama-sistible

You're goin down lady! Waaaay down!!!!! BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

No but seriously. It's over. Backing the gas tax holiday? Every notable economist has been writing this off as a giveaway to the oil companies--not consumers as she claims. Why doesn't Clinton just announce she wants to be McCain's running mate? Hammering on about Jeremiah Wright? Get over it lady, old news that has absolutely nothing to do with Barack Obama. Nothing.

But she won Indiana you say? She still needs 68% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination. Obama only needs 36%. Let David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, break it down for you.

She might as well just run on the Republican ticket anyways (obviously she can campaign/mudsling like one). Her gas tax stance, coupled with her hawkish voting record (i.e., voting for the war, voting for continued use of cluster bombs, siding with Republicans against banning land mines, and supporting coal companies' mountain top removal practices) gives us the portrait of a lady more aligned with the military industrial complex and big business than a "populist" politician that can talk like a southerner and take a few Jaager shots.

Yeah, she's a real "everyman." Dumping millions into her campaign from her seemingly never-ending pocket book.

Nice try lady, but it's over.


Hip E. said...

I work for Big Oil and I still think the gas tax holiday is an incredibly bad idea.

I'm really looking forward to her quitting. Sadly, it probably won't be till June.

amityb said...

Yeah, I'd say mid to late June and she can go badmouth Barack Obama and cry behind closed doors, thank you very much.

I wonder what this will mean for her marriage. She'll probably blame it all on Bill, and he'll feel like he's married to a crybaby loser..not good for the Clintons, not good.