Monday, December 31, 2007

Musical Madness

Yesterday me and Sarah V spent nearly five hours in the theater watching musicals. First there was "Sweeney Todd," which Sarah had already seen, and then "Walk Hard," which I had already seen. Both are most definately multi-view worthy. Some people didn't like the "Walk Hard: Dewey Cox Story," but I'd say it's a classic for the songs alone. Or see it just to watch Jack Black, Paul Rudd and Jason Schwartzman do bastardized impressions of the Beatles.

The best song in "Dewey Cox" was the Bob Dylan-inspired, "Royal Jelly", which can be found in it's entirety on the soundtrack, along with another knock-off called "Farmer Glickstein". John C. Reilly, who plays Dewey Cox, does an incredible Dewey-as-Dylan impersonation. Here are my transcribed lyrics:

Mailboxes drip like lamposts in the twisted birth canal of the coliseum
Rimjob fairy teapots mask the temper tantrum
Oh say can you see ‘em?
Stuffed cabbages the darlin of the laundromat
And the sorority mascot sat with the lumberjack
Present past and stinging half synthetic fabrications of his tie
The mouse with the overbite
Explained how the rabbits were ensnared
In the skinny scanny self-slashed apothecary diplomat
Inside the three-eyed monkey within inches of his toaster oven life

It's really bothering me that I can't identify which Dylan song they're parodying, I think parts of it sound like "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding." Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Farmer Glickstein is a pretty straight up It's Alright Ma soundalike, but Royal Jelly is notsomuch one individual song as it is a mishmash of Blonde on Blonde love ballads. I love love love these songs so much.

amityb said...

Damnit I made a very concentrated effort to re-listen to Blonde on Blonde and I just don't see it. No, I think this is one song in particular. I shall find it my anonymous friend, you shall see!

still anonymous and still your friend said...

Well. The "let me touch you, let me touch you, let me touch you" repetition also comes from the chorus of A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.

Martin said...

Royal Jelly is a bit like "Mr tambourine man" ,and "It's a hard rain, a gonna fall".
But Farmer glickstien is my favorite.