Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just thought of a good snap

I have decided to add a new section to this blog, one that I shall entitle "I just thought of a good snap." As in, a really good comeback to some issue or person that really chaps my hide. Today, on the 36th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision, I would like to address the anti-women's rights/anti-civil liberties/anti-reproductive freedom demonstrators that are flooding D.C.:

Hey idiots, count your blessings that the media for some strange reason chooses to give you the microphone and positions you at the top of the news priority list for the entire day even though your crazed evangelistic, backwards folkloric ways only represent a minority of the many belief systems practiced in this country. Your opinions, however impassioned and however entitled you are to them under this great nation, are also things you should count your blessings for--these basic human rights of expression. Because if it were up to you and your oppressively barbaric ways, you would strip very similar human rights from women who are not anti-life, but rather, are placed in very dire situations that involve their bodies and hearts and minds completely. And you want hand over the very basic right to be in control of one's body to the government? Because you have a definition of what it is to be human? Well I've got my own definition of what it means to be human: respecting the rights of people to control their own bodies. Here, I've got another: respecting the idea that every person that is born into this world should be given the opportunity to an equal shot at a basic quality of life. That every person born should not be birthed from a woman who was raped, a woman who was molested or a victim of incest, a woman in a third world country that cannot provide for a child and will end up dying or enduring the pain of watching a child starve because they cannot provide for them, a woman with a severe mental or physical condition that is not capable of raising a child, a young and/or underage woman who's chance at going to college or providing for herself will be shot to hell...YOU anti-choice bible thumpers demean and cheapen human life. YOU ARE NOT PRO-LIFE.
P.S.: if men could get pregnant, abortion would be legal. AND YOU KNOW IT!

Oh snap.

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