Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush: a "good person"

According to a Fox News poll:

A 72 percent majority of Americans believe Bush is a good person, including an overwhelming majority of Republicans (93 percent) as well as majorities of Democrats (56 percent) and independents (74 percent).

--and by "a good person" the pollsters must mean "will smile and pat you on the back (massage your neck if a female European leader) and offer you a beer while he strips away your civil liberties, deregulates markets until--in the blink of an eye--you have lost your job and are homeless, keeps your son/daughter/husband/wife/mother or father of your child/neighbor/friend in the desert until they come back (if they do not die) with PTSD or missing limbs and no programs to support their recovery, rapes and pillages the environment to pad the pockets of said buddies yet again, denies the validity of modern science, common sense and just plain rational thought.

Funny how the mouthpiece of the administration has become just as lame as the lame duck itself.

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