Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great American Civil Rights Leaders

The Daily Show's John Oliver, on the Obama victory, via The Bugle:

I’ll tell you the real unsung hero here: President Bush. He has managed to screw up the country so badly that America is now ready for a black president. There is no way that would be happening if he wasn’t so absolute in his incompetence.

In many ways, he’s a pioneering civil rights leader. He’s like Rosa Parks, if Rosa Parks had instead of refusing to go to the back of the bus, had become a poorly-qualified bus driver, had crashed almost every bus in Montgomery into a ditch, to the point where no one wanted to ride the bus anymore, and black people were therefore free to sit where they wanted.

They each had their methods; but they each did great things.


Sean Wraight said...

THAT was brilliant Amity. I really love the stuff that John Oliver does- It has a certain 'Pythonesque' edge that I really enjoy.

I'm not sure if I can forgive him for "the Love Guru" quite yet though. I guess we all have our career missteps.


amityb said...

I didn't know he was in the Love Guru. To shame! But then again, Ricky Gervais really disappointed me when he took that lead in that ghost movie. That was pretty bad.

Yes! The banter between Oliver and Andy Zaltzman is so quick and absurd that it really does feel Pythonesque.