Monday, November 17, 2008

Canuck cowboys? Not quite, but nice try!

Amity and Bobby plan a birthday trip

(Note: My birthday is coming up in less than three months. Me and my friend Bobby discuss. )

A: I think I want to go to New Orleans, where the people will be more depressed than me. Plus, there's Mardis Gras around that time.

How about a train trip through Canada? We could go to the most eastern region we can afford, and then take a train trip back to Vancouver.

A: Why don't we just do that in America? There's more diversity, and cowboys! I mean, the only cities that I would want to go to are Montreal and Vancouver. I've already done Vancouver and it was boring.

B: Yeah, when I think about it, I went to a lot of Canadian cities with the airlines and I wasn't excited about any of them.

A: But you want to take a weeks-long train trip through all of them.

B: Yeah. It's just that...who does that? You can tell people you did it, and they won't know why you did it.

A: You raise a good point.

B: Put that in your hat and sit on it..

A: You want me to sit on my hat?

B: Yeah, sit on your hat and think about taking a trip through Canada.


amityb said...

I just had to add, so as not to offend any Canadians (i.e., my best friend, my best blog commenter Sean W), that Canada is a wondrous and beautiful place. In fact, my friend Bobby did say something about those "pretty mountains" at some point in the conversation, but I forgot to add that.

Also, I was bored in Vancouver because I was holed up in my hotel room with nothing to watch but a Canadian tourism board propaganda/ "documentary" piece about Americans that had re-located to Canada because Americans are so rude and mean called "Canada, eh?" So that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But I honestly haven't been to Canada when the weather isn't intolerable, so perhaps I'm being a bit of a bigot towards America's hat. Apologies.

Sean Wraight said...

No need to apologize Amity. I have to admit, even I would be questioning a journey by train across this country in the wintertime. (Unless of course you like endless plains of frozen, snow-covered terrain.)

My advice. Go someplace warm where more than one layer of clothing is not a necessity. Or better yet, delay the birthday celebration by six months. We're more than hospitable in July!

Just to demonstrate my point... Environment Canada just declared that snowfall amounts in my area today would be "colossal".

Pretty inviting eh?

Your BBC,
Sean in "the hat"

amityb said...

I do not want the word "colossal" in any way, shape or form involved in my local weather forecasts. Thanks for the heads up, Sean!