Friday, October 10, 2008

Banksy's "Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill"

In a tiny, inconspicuous West Village storefront in NYC, British guerrilla street artist Banksy last week installed a series of window displays involving animatronic exotic animals alongside his own hybrid creatures. An art installation that aims to, in his words, to explore "our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming," Banksy set the stage for what appears to be real, exotic animals, and some...decidedly not so real. Fish sticks appear to swim in a fish bowl, chicken nuggets peck at a tub of BBQ sauce, and some hot dogs give erotic exchanges. The artist told the BBC he has already heard complaints from New Yorkers "unhappy about seeing two hot-dogs performing a sex act."


Hip E. said...

Gah! I was there, knew about this, and allowed three consecutive hangovers to keep me from seeing it. I'll never be a top art critic.

amityb said...

Yeah watching hot dogs fornicate probably wouldn't a good hangover cure make.