Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye, Penis Envy!

Hello, P-Mate!

I want to have a pissing contest with this lady, Jamie Holland. We'll haul a keg into Central Park after a good snow, down a few, and just piss our names all over the fields, along with, "Chicks don't need dicks!" or "I am a lady and I am free to pee!" We'll just golden shower it up in front of a crowd of onlookers, and find out who can strategically urinate the longest. And you know what, it probably won't be considered indecent exposure because it won't be our man parts hanging out, but a strange funnel-like contraption "made of recyclable materials" that is "shaped to fit the female body form." I love me some technology and innovation.


hilary said...

thats brilliant!...and on a similar note:

amityb said...

oooh...uuuuhhh...i don't know if i could hang with this "mooncup." what if you laughed too hard or something, and then the thing shot straight out of your vag and exploded? that would be THE most horrifying thing i could imagine. i think i will pass on this one but thanks hilary!