Wednesday, May 30, 2007


From the May issue of Harper's Magazine:

"The promise of the Internet-as-Alexandria is more than the roiling plentitude of information. It's the ability of individuals to choreograph that information in idiosyncratic ways, the hope that individuals might feel invited by the gravitational pull of a broad and open commons to 'rip, mix, and burn'-to curate. This new sort of curator, in effect, is one definition of a blogger: an amateur experimental librarian for the Internet, the curator of (in blogger/writer Cory Doctorow's phrase) a digital 'Wunderkrammer', a private informational choreographer who has made her alignments public."
--Gideon Lewis-Kraus, "A World in Three Aisles"
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Linda said...

Awesome. Now I feel way less bad about posting random crap on my site. I'm collecting and collating.

It's a public service really.