Saturday, November 07, 2009

Quote of the week:

Recently, I was struck by a most startling and drunken telephone call by an old high school friend in Los Angeles, who had decided to confess a love for me from outside of a sports bar after a Lakers game. This was confusing as, last time I checked, we were platonic friends of over ten years.

My friend Paul, who is also his best friend and last year gave a most memorable quote of the week, assessed the situation:

"Amity, ____ was drunk. Very drunk. And alcohol changes everything, Amity, everything. Like the other day, my friend Allison drove us to the Carl's Jr drive-thru, and I was about to order my usual, a double cheeseburger with bacon. But since I had been drinking, I yelled over her, "NO! FREEZE! Stop what you're doing in the kitchen! I WANT A CHICKEN SANDWICH." Alcohol changes everything Amity, everything."


Philip Cosores said...

Although this has nothing to do with your post, the sandwich pictured reminded me of Carl's Jr's new Chicken Parmesan Sandwich. Such a disappointment. They advertise that sauce will be dripping out, but i questioned whether they even remembered to put the sauce in! An angry letter to come.

Amity said...

I haven't had Carl's Jr in roughly eight years, but I only used to get the southwestern sandwich, with the chile.