Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Exhibit A, this douchebag writes:

$800 New (chill) lawyer in town needs roommates (mission district)

Reply to:
Date: 2007-09-22, 1:39PM PDT

Let's get 2 or 3 cool young professionals/students together and get a place to call home. I'm thinking the Mission, but any cool neighborhood would do. We need: responsible, cool, fun, funny, smart people. Work hard/play hard types. But clean. And financially stable. Do you fit this description?

I just graduated from Wash U. Law School in St. Louis (went to Duke undergrad)and moved out here and took the Cali bar. I'm just starting my job search, but I'm financially stable in the meantime. Let me know if you're interested in assembling a house. Tell me about yourself. Include your myspace.

1. Overuse of the word "cool" is not cool. For all I know, you think wearing a Snoopy "Joe Cool" t-shirt is super-cool. Specify what is meant by cool or risk failing my coolness litmus test.

2. Cool cannot be followed by "young professionals", there, you just failed the test.

3. Don't you ever use the term "work hard/play hard" douchebag! For all I know you enjoy the lifestyle of a Gordon Gekko-type Wall St tycoon and debauch yourself weekly in Vegas on copious amounts of cocaine and underage prostitutes.

4. "(went to Duke undergrad)" Wow, how humble you are Mr.Gekko, using parenthesis to name drop Duke U. Did I fucking ask? Does attending Duke AND getting a law degree mean you will wash your fucking dishes and refrain from bringing underage hookers home?

5. Never use the term "Cali". Only morons who are not from California say Cali. "Cali" is almost acceptable from one person in the whole wide world, and that person is LL Cool J. And he was from New York and it was the 80s and rap stars from New York in the 80s are exempt from any accusations of being uncool.

Don't post craiglist ads like this one, don't be a doucebag.


Linda said...

'Tis the season for "work hard, play hard" posts. Great minds, Amity. Great minds.

JOY said...

holy shit. that was hilarious.

except now i am sad because i used the word "cool" in a previous email to you and may have used it several times and now i feel very uncool.

i even thought while i was writing...hmm, is amity too cool to call her cool, will she laugh in my face? oh no, it's okay, she's chill as well as cool and i am too tired and my whiskey addled brain is too lazy to thinking of a cooler adjective to insert here.

i digress. your post was very cool.

amityb said...

joy it makes me sad that you would think i would judge based upon your use of "cool". i'm just as guilty as anyone else for overusing it, however, not in a craigslist ad where you're supposed to be giving more specified information to people. nightmare roomie situations begin with miscommunication like this.