Friday, March 09, 2007


So I haven't gone near this blogspot thing in, wowie, almost one year. Bad, bad Amity. I actually had some technical difficulties with my last post, a most profound and reflective announcement of my departure from the UK and unsavory arrival to the US, where I was horrified by American culture, having trekked from Indiana to Ohio to visit my grandmother in the outskirts of Appalacia. Embittered, I stopped blogging for quite some time, thinking that there were more important things to do, like start a new, American life (okay so I think I really embraced British culture, so much so that I have a difficult time not thinking of myself as European sometimes. It's a wonder I didn't come back with a lame Madonna accent) here in beautiful San Francisco.

But back by popular demand (by one person in particular who shall go unnamed)--here I am! Yippee! And I hope that, you know, maybe my mom has some friends she can tell about my new and improved blog. That would be awesome.

At this very moment I am late for an appointment and have to dash, but cheers to my recently-updated blog!

xoxo amity

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